Mart Report offers:

  • Monitoring-Tool for markets, branches and companies in Austria, f.ex. Trading companies, banks, real estate, industry, insurances, etc.
  • Marktanalysis: Branches and subbranches
  • Identification of new companies on the market
  • New competitors on the market
  • Access to businessdata (contactdata, CEOs, Owners, financial information (balance sheets, etc.)
  • Innovations, new products of companies on the market
  • Up-to-date data using webservices and interfaces to public data (z.B. Austrian business register, etc.)

webservices & exportfunctionality

MartReport - Company data and Business Features:

  • Filter
  • Export
  • Visual presentation of geobased information (z.B. headquarters, shops, offices, etc.)
  • integration of demographic information (z.B. inhabitants in an area, age of inhabitants, unemployment, etc.)
  • interfaces to external webservices (z.B. real estate data, etc.)
  • interfaces to external databases (z.B. trademarks, patents, etc.)
  • Businessdata from databases of the Republic of Austria:
    - Business Register
    - Access to financial documents
    - Access to balance sheets, etc.