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Monitoring Austrian Companies - how to get market data

The analysis of markets is essential for the main strategy of a company. To know, what happens on a market and an effective market monitoring are the main base for an effective business strategy. 


For a functioning and current market monitoring, there are a few key factors:

1. Analysis of the environment of a company: Analysing the whole environment of a company, all the important information are determined to market participants and stakeholders and recorded. In addition to competitors, suppliers, reference customers, partners from science and research the contact with experts is essential for successful business that can also act as multipliers within your industry. Working with you will receive a comprehensive overview of the market and the main influencing factors.

2. Ongoing monitoring of the environment of a company: To have access to the latest information, we analyse existing information from various sectors, are identifing new sources continuously and use publicly available communications channels such as specialized databases, official registers, social media channels, expert blogs or discussion forums. We analyse data from authorities such as from the Trade Register / Company Register, Commercial Register or other public registers that gives you a base for economic decisions. This regular monitoring happens continuously over a defined period. All information from these systems are continuously observed and analyzed.

3. Recognize economic signals and react to them: The monitoring of the economic environment of a company, of abnormalities and economic developments have to be detected rapidly. By setting automatic alerts for certain events, you are informed almost in real time about important events and react on those. The regular analysis allows you to evaluate developments and to deal with other factors related.

4. Integration of technological aspects: Besides business data and market factors product-related research and technology-related aspects are essential for business decisions. Patents, trademark applications, utility models, designs or reports of research collaborations with universities, research institutions and scientific institutions are also monitored.

5. Targeted Deep Analysis: Besides a continuous and comprehensive market monitoring we also offer deep analysis of markets and competitors in order to provide decision-makers in companies reliable data and answers.

6. Regular basis reporting: Access to our online monitoring services provides you all the latest information and reports on your market everywhere and everytime.

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